Dont give in

Roses are dead violets are crying save me please I am dying Are you listening ? Are you okaayy ? It was one of those times when, the chirpy little youngster who knew the answer to almost everything was unsure of what to say.Relegating her feelings into the deepest dungeons of her heart she toiled […]

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Do you fear?

She was told in her tender ages that, to fear is an ability . An ability encompassed by someone who is strong and able enough to face his feelings, and decipher them. In  the deepest recesses of her hearts, her fear of-‘ not being noticed’ unfolds itself . As harmless as that may seem, the […]

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why? she asked. Yet again ,she bellowed out her agony loud enough for the chambers of his heart to tremble. was she not clear enough ? or better still was she not important enough?Perhaps, a question she asked herself on numerous occasions afore. She distanced herself from pain , running towards happiness,Failing to realise that […]

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She pushed her walls , long enough for them to give away. For once again , she decides to go back , back to her neverland : land of forsaken dreams , abandoned aspirations and countless unachieved desires . For everytime she looks back , a fraction of her present crumbles , her heart stumbles […]

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The silver lining

Clearing away the blues and the clouds of distress she realizes that the sun must rise. It must rise to awaken the deepest of desires , fondest of wants, to rekindle the spirit to fight. Mustn’t it summon the prowess among the backward and break all chasms between the past and the present. Oh yes […]

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Conversation with chaos

In an excruciating battle between her and herself , her mind became but a futile land of self destructive thoughts that reigned her visions and ideas . The once seemingly trivial problems now fed the fear housed by her mind. The fear that hence engulfed her destroyed her to pieces and she now began to […]

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Defiant in the face of love , she challenged love to atleast once bring her happiness and joy. An ardent believer of love today stands defeated and bowed down in the hands of the ruthless reality that smacked her hard into her senses. Now , irreparably damaged and broken , she swallows her pain and […]

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The tussle within

                       And then her eyes shifted from her burning house of desires as , she looked down , deep down into the windows of her soul , waiting to unearth something that would put her out of her misery. But little did she know that […]

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That’s her

That’s her  : Her iridescent hues caught my eyes, And For once i thought beyond our lives, Is she just what she wants me to see, Or just a convoluted soul set free.   She lived through the thorns and spears,  Brave enough to tell the tale of her fears, Though indelible her pain and […]

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The cuckoo clock

A hectic Mumbai life of her’s ensured that a hedonistic approach to work makes no room in her life but often she felt that time must stop , it must stop so that once again she could relive the moments , relive all the love, happiness,attention and care that she once was accosted with but […]

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